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About Me

I’ve had my fair share of life’s ups and downs, my close friends and I started to call them interesting times instead of stressful times. They wanted to put a different slant on things and tried to take my mind off the issues that were getting me down. They were successful in doing that in the moment. We laughed a lot (Thank you girls, you know who you are). However, these moments were short-lived and so I knew I had to seek professional help.

I had counselling, with a very brilliant woman who made me see that my happiness was my responsibility and that had to come from within. I had to get out of my own way. So I did, eventually (I saw her every week for a year and a half).

I changed my career path (I was in recruitment, I pride myself on being a people person) and started working as a support worker for the NHS in a community Mental Health Team. This led to me doing my training and I qualified as a counsellor 5 years later.

I love being a counsellor and I have built a successful private practice. I have a special interest in anxiety, fear based issues and low self-esteem and I found myself wishing I could speed up the process for my clients suffering with these issues. I realised that these sort of limiting beliefs had to be changed at a subconscious level, so I trained to become a Hypnotherapist.