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Client Testimonials 

See what some of my clients have said about their experience

of Counselling or Hypnotherapy with me

Not quite sure what you have done to me! I’m back to being happy. I’m applying for jobs and I know I will succeed (I never thought I would be saying that!),I’m doing more than I ever believed possible. Thank you so much Debbie, you’re an amazing professional and if ever I find a stone in my way again I will be relieved that I know the right person to show me the way around it

I’ve finished my 21 days, this week (as you know), and the result is so striking for me. I felt progress during those 21 day’s but how I feel today is amazing. I started writing into my diary again, to put my thoughts down and to write my goals, what I want to achieve. I feel completely liberated, moved on, honouring my past struggles, loving myself. It’s all so new to me, like I know what I want (finally) and what I don’t want, and why. I feel clarity and hope, more like ‘knowing’ that all is well now, I fully trust my internal guiding system and know I can make something of myself, anything I want. I’ve never felt this way, so thank you so much, you’re an angel. I know it’s a long message but wanted to share my achievement with you.

I’m all good! had a few self-doubt moments but can shake them off loads better. Been really focused with my food and gym which I haven’t been this consistent for ages!! Also, I’m a lot less stressed at work, focused and disciplined. I’m starting to see myself actually being worthy of changing my life to be how I want it. So thank you, so glad I found you

Beautiful flowers received from a lovely lady I treated for drug and alcohol issues.

Thank you for listening to me over the last few months, I’m actually going to miss our appointment’s and I never thought I’d say that about therapy!

From my 1st appointment with Deborah I felt at ease with her. Very genuine and kind person which obviously transfers to her work as a therapist. Highly recommended.”

“This is crazy! I’m finding it so easy to eat healthily and make better choices, I don’t even think about sweet or fatty food. 8.5 pounds off in under 4 weeks!! One more pound and im in the next stone bracket, sooo happy.

Debbie has been kind and understanding. She has changed my life, I had RTT for anxiety and I feel like a new woman. I can’t even begin to thank her for what she has done. I would highly recommend her.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but things continue to be good for me, 3 months since I had RTT and I am still free of my cocaine addiction, in fact I couldn’t think of anything worse now. I can’t thank you enough you’ve given me back my life

Hi Debbie, just thought I’d let you know how things are going. Since seeing you I’ve lost nearly 40lb and I’ve also joined the fire brigade. My fitness has had a massive improvement. Our session helped me to sort out the binging and gave me the confidence to try to for the brigade, which then gave me the kick I needed to lose the weight! Thank you, hope you are well

I’m cocaine free for the first time, 12 years of that lifestyle but now I’m like a different person. Now I can say no, I just don’t want it and I’m able to focus on what’s important. I’m rebuilding my relationships with my family and my work life has really improved too. Thank you so much, life changing and won’t forget